The innovation of L-Ascorbic acid technology

Further to the breakthrough solutions in 1999 to the stability and high concentration, a technology difficulty to the ester-C and nano-C, Dr. Chen introduced the Amphiphilic Transepidermal Delivery System(ATDS) in 2003 to the market with U.S.patent. This innovation once again lead the world in L-Ascorbic acid technology.

Clinical Tests

A number of tests for Dr. Chen's L-Ascorbic acid had been done by hospitals(HwaShan Hospital in Shanghai China and National University Hospital in Taiwan).All tests confirm its effectiveness with astonishing result for patients with both normal and burn treatment skin. These clinical trials reports will be presented on the international academy journal.

Dr. Chen, Ph.D

Dr. Chen was in charge as the senior officer of R&D department of Bristol Meyers in USA and Boot's Pharmaceutical in U.K. during 1974and 1991.In 1992, he organized a medical team for a cGMP pharmaceutical in Louisiana devoted the research of L-Ascorbic acid in its stability and skin's absorbability, and also charged the development of new medical products for the wound care(burn treatment)and healthcare.

For a 30 years of commitment on the prescription drug products development and production, Dr. Chen received a supreme reputation worldwide in pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Chen also developed technological innovations in unique drug delivery systems. His studies are routinely published in international medical journals, which contribute greatly to academy.

In 1999, Dr. Chen was the first to conquer the instability problem which limit the use of L-Ascorbic acid on cosmetic and beauty application. With his further relentless improvement, he obtained the key know-how on stability, high concentration, and Amphiphilic Transdermal Delivery System(ATDS)which meet the strict requirements by FDA. The ATDS is a revolutionary approach and was awarded the patent in USA and worldwide.